TCL Now Sells Affordable Android TVs in the US

A TCL Series 3 TV with Android TV interface.

Less than a decade ago, TCL wasn’t a household name, but today it’s one of the well-known TV manufacturers in the United States. The company made its name by offering affordable quality televisions with Roku baked into the hardware. Now the company has a new option for you to consider—affordable Android TVs.

TCL’s latest TV’s don’t look very different from the Roku TVs we’ve grown to love and adore. But turn one on, and you’ll see an immediate difference. Instead of your usual Roku interface, you’ll get Android TV. In a press release, TCL boasts of its long partnership with Google that made it possible to bring these TVs to the United States. Other parts of the world have been able to buy TCL sets with Android, but this is a first for the United States.

Chris Larson, senior vice president for TCL North America, says:

It is no secret that TCL’s rapid growth coincides with the increasing adoption of smart TVs, but this resounding success is largely due to our innovation, vertical integration, massive business scale, and of course, strong relationships with partners like Roku. Our award-winning TV lineup helped propel us into America’s second-largest TV brand just five years after we introduced our products in the U.S., and with those significant achievements, we believe this is the perfect time to deliver another option for consumers with Android TV.

The new TCL TVs are available at Best Buy today, although you only have models to pick from initially. You can either grab the 40-inch 3-Series TV, which features 1080p resolution, or the 32 inch 3-Series with 720p resolution. The 40-inch model goes for $199, while the 32-inch set will set you back $129.

Source: TCL

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