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Streaming TV service Philo is adding Chromecast support


In the streaming age, we’ve seen plenty of cable competitors pop up, including Philo. The service lets you livestream and record 61 channels for just $20 a month, including AMC, HGTV, and Comedy Central. Philo was only made available on most Android devices last year, and hasn’t supported Chromecast at all — but that’s about to change.

Starting with the Philo app on Android, customers will be able to cast content to Chromecast or Chromecast-enabled TVs — but the first-generation Chromecast seems to be excluded. The company is pushing this as part of the Philo Connect initiative, which promises to “help Philo users connect all of the devices they use to watch TV.” As stated, it’s starting with the Android app, but will also eventually come to iOS, FireTV, Roku, and the web.

As for why the feature took this long to implement, the company says it wanted to take the take to build an experience that would support synchronized viewing on all devices, not just Chromecasts. This initial release is laying the groundwork for features that could come later on, like social viewing and watch parties between multiple users on different types of devices. The Chromecasting capabilities aren’t live yet, but they should start rolling out in the upcoming weeks.

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