Smart Upgrades for Safer Senior Living

smart tech for seniors


It’s natural to be worried about the security and comfort of your senior parents if they choose to age at home. However, by addressing a few key issues you can do a lot to help improve the safety of their environment. Here are some upgrades that can be made to your parents’ house that may give you greater peace of mind.

Add Simplified Technology

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that older people resist new technology. By adding smart devices and other tech upgrades to their home, your parents will quickly learn the benefits of products that can make daily living much simpler. Things like motion-activated light fixtures can help seniors move more safely around their homes, while app-based systems for everything from appliances to thermostats allow homeowners to control household items from a centralized location. Senior home phones can be switched from traditional lines to internet-based connections, which can be both more reliable and more affordable.

Safeguard the Bathroom

Most experts consider the bathroom to be the most dangerous spot in the house; slip-and-fall accidents often occur due to the typical combination of cramped space, excess moisture, and slick tiles or linoleum. If possible, replace the flooring with something that has a coarser texture to provide slip resistance. Consider installing grab bars near the toilet and shower for help moving in and out of these areas; adding a seat to the latter may also make bathing easier and safer. Lastly, improve the lighting so the room is as bright as possible to help with faltering vision.

Address Danger Zones

As a final step, take an eagle-eyed look around your parents’ home to spot dangers that might be lurking. For starters, throw rugs represent tripping hazards; they should be removed or secured to the floor with gripper pads. Exposed power cords are a concern for the same reason; make sure they are well out of the way of trafficked areas, then use cable ties or flexible tubing to wrangle them. Finally, watch for sharp edges on counters and furniture, and cover any trouble spots with corner guards and rubber bumpers.

The Takeaway

Although you may be concerned about your parents remaining in their home as they age, there are some steps you can take to ensure that their house is as safe as possible. Making a few upgrades and adaptations can help your parents stay comfortable and secure in their home for years to come.

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