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Silent Hill: What we want to see from the rumoured survival horror reboot

Silent Hill is a franchise almost as mysterious as the town itself, disappearing into a secretive fog and remaining there for the best part of a generation. 

A new entry starring Norman Reedus and helmed by the duo of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro blew all of us away when it was first unveiled, but was sadly cancelled by Konami long before its completion. Given its potential, this project has left a big void in our hearts which has yet to be filled. 

Recent rumours have hinted at a soft reboot of the franchise being conjured by the franchises’ original creators, and it could be coming exclusive to PS5. Nothing is confirmed, but such a blockbuster being in Sony’s grasp will be a huge draw for lapsed console gamers and beyond. 

Trusted Reviews has compiled everything you need to know about Silent Hill including all the latest news, rumours, gameplay and our own wishlist of things we’d love to see. 

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Silent Hill

Silent Hill – What is it?

The rumours surrounding this suspected reboot are yet to be acknowledged by Konami or Sony, and it remains unclear when an actual reveal might surface. 

We expected it at Sony’s “Future of Gaming” event in June, but this was delayed following mass protests across the United States. It remains unclear when exactly it will be rescheduled to, so we’ll have to wait and see. 

A recent report claims that the upcoming reboot is currently in development at Japan Studio, who were previously responsible for Gravity Rush 2 and Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, both of which are fairly excellent in their own right. 

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Development began in 2019 after Konami spent an indeterminate amount of time shopping around the idea of an episodic Silent Hill experience with different potential partners. This resulted in the soft reboot which is currently rumoured to be in the works at Sony Japan. 

A number of original staff from the Silent Hill franchise will be returning to work on the project which will include Keiichiro Toyama as director, Akira Yaomoka as composer and Masahiro Ito on the artistic side of things. 

It’s as close to Team Silent as we’re going to get, and if all these rumours ring true it could lead to a truly stunning revival for the survival horror franchise. The source states it is currently in a playable state, and a demo will be shown following its planned reveal. 

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Silent Hill

Silent Hill release date – when is it coming out?

Konami is yet to acknowledge whether this reboot even exists, so we imagine a concrete release date will remain unclear for a good while yet. If it really is announced ahead of the PS5’s launch later this year, perhaps it will arrive in 2021? We’ll be sure to update this article once we know more.

Silent Hill wishlist – Things we’d love to see from the reboot

There’s so much we’d love to see from our ideal Silent Hill that we’d honestly be here all day breaking everything down, so we’ve gone for five things we’d love to see from the potential reboot. 

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Silent Hill

A return to the iconic town

This one goes without saying, but a new entry in the Silent Hill franchise needs to return to the titular rural town that made it so iconic. We’re talking thick, dense fog, otherworldly creatures and an atmosphere that makes you feel uneasy simply by existing. 

It would likely receive a major overhaul for a new generation of consoles, although we hope it maintains the same claustrophobic aura that made Silent Hill 2 and 3 so instantly memorable. Perhaps we’ll even see locations from Team Silent’s library recreated in the reboot, so hardcore fans of the series will feel rewarded for their years of service. 

New and familiar monsters to contend with

While the town itself is immediately iconic, the inhabitants of Silent Hill are equally as recognisable. The enemies you must escape from are genuinely the stuff of nightmares, coming in the form of demented nurses, skin-crawling zombies and the one and only Pyramid Head. Silent Hill won’t be the same without them, and we hope the reboot sees them return or re-imagined in some truly terrifying ways. 

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Silent Hill

First and third-person perspectives

Resident Evil 7 redefined the series identity by shifting perspective, taking inspiration from Amnesia, P.T. and even The Blair Witch Project to offer a fresh, well, perspective on survival horror. We’d love Silent Hill to do the very same, or perhaps offer two perspectives so players can have the best of both worlds. 

The part of playing in first-person is the inability to really escape, you need to run and look away of your own accord. Creatures roaming the town can get up close and personal, and your only recourse will be to fight for your life or simply run away, praying they aren’t fast enough to catch you. 

Virtual reality support

Sony has confirmed that PS5 will support PlayStation VR at launch, and recent patents suggest a successor is in the works. Resident Evil 7 had virtual reality exclusivity for a full year before it came to other platforms, suggesting that a similar thing could happen with Silent Hill. 

We can’t imagine a more traumatising horror experience that Silent Hill if it was effectively translated to virtual reality, ensuring that players are fully engrossing in the demented universe. A compelling mixture of physical and psychological terror, Konami’s beloved franchise deserves a fresh start, and perhaps one that takes full advantage of a new medium, too. 

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Silent Hill

Push the lore reset button

Ever since leaving the good graces of Team Silent, the series was throws between a bunch of different developers, all of which failed to capture the quality of the franchise’s golden years. If a reboot plans to revitalise Silent Hill, we’d like it to leave behind the established narrative and characters for something completely new. Obviously, we’d love for it to maintain a similar location, tone and monsters while still not being afraid to make its own mark on the genre.

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