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Samsung’s 600-megapixel camera plans make today’s bumps look tiny


Samsung is continuing to work on a camera sensor with an astonishing 600-megapixel resolution, capable of 8K video recordings, according to a leaked internal document.

However, judging by the presentation slide shared by notorious Samsung leaker Ice Universe, the price to pay would be far too high for most smartphone users. In its planned form, the ISOCELL sensor solution would create a camera bump around twice as thick as the handset itself.

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The slide shows an 8.8mm body, which would expand to 22mm overall if the 0.8um 600-megapixel sensor was placed on the back of the handset. Within the presentation, Samsung says the ISOCELL sensor will evolve over time to solve the problem of the camera bump, but that seems like it’ tough nut to crack.

You can see the predicament in the slide below.

Previously, Samsung has expressed a desire to create a 500-megapixel sensor, which us around the same resolution of the human eye. That’s quite a leap from the the 108-megapixel sensors currently sitting within the Galaxy S20 range.

In an interview with Android Authority this autumn, Jinhyun Kwon, VP and head of sensor marketing at Samsung Semiconductor, said: “With more pixels, opportunities for new use cases should emerge. Sensor technologies, including pixel size and pixel resolution, will advance accordingly to meet the diverse needs of manufacturer and users.

“After all, the resolution of the human eye is about 500MP and that would be the ultimate milestone for the industry at large.”

Considering smartphone users are already complaining about the protruding camera bumps, it was hoped they’d get smaller rather than larger. However, if Samsung’s plans come to fruition, we might see a significant increase in size as Samsung goes from 108-megapixels to 600.

Would achieving this be worth carrying a significant bulge in your trousers? Do you think this vision will come to fruition? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.

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