Recreate Your Noisy Office with “The Sound of Colleagues”


The Sounds of Colleagues logo

Admit it, you miss the sound of your office. You could probably live without hearing some of your coworkers, but the hum of industrial A/C units, the click of keyboards, and the shuffling of printer paper helps you focus. But don’t worry, The Sound of Colleagues can help you bring those noises home.

The Sound of Colleagues is a white noise machine that emulates the sound of an office (minus some of the annoying sounds). It’s a straightforward free tool with adjustable sounds and ambient effects. Want to hear the sound of an open window? You got it. Tired of listening to the office dog? Mute him.

Don’t want to use the Sound of Colleagues website? Familjen and Red Pip Studios also published a white noise album for Spotify. The album contains some unique sound enviornments, like “’90s Office with Landline Ringing” and “Rainy Day Inside the Calm Office.” You can loop these Spotify songs for endless white noise, or listen through the album one track at a time.

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