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PS5 runs much cooler and quieter than PS4, hands-on reports reveal


The Sony PS5 will be a significant improvement over its predecessors, perhaps in some ways we hadn’t expected, judging by early hands-on reports.

YouTubers and reporters in Japan, who are among the first people to receive test units, say that the console is much quieter and runs cooler than the PS3 and PS4.

Dengeki Online, for example, said “it was really quiet,” while claiming the console did not feel hot to the touch, despite hours of gameplay. The translation (via Ars Technica) reads: “Finally, when I touched the main body, I didn’t feel much “heat” … It seems that there is no need to worry about the heat exhaust structure.”

Another website, 4Gamer reports (again translated) that “the exhaust was gentle, and I could hardly hear what seemed to be the rotating noise of the fan.”

Finally, AW Watch opined that “the operating sound of the main unit [is] now smaller than [that] of PS4,” while adding that the DualSense controller buttons appear to make less noise than the DualShock 4 – not that we noticed that too much in the first place.

AV Watch also had some interesting information about the DualSense controller, revealing a small mute button beneath the PS logo, which deactivates the microphone. The site also revealed there’s a small hole called a “reset port” on the back of the controller that could be there to ensure the controller can revert back to its factory settings.

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Microsoft sent Xbox Series X consoles out to certain friendly folks in the media last month, meaning we know a little more about the next-gen system. Sony, on the other hand, is keeping the PS5 closer to its chest. Hopefully, the PS5 units will make their way out west prior to next-month’s release date and we can hear it (or not) for ourselves.

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