‘Pestle’ recipe app now lets users share their cookbook with others


We have been covering Pestle since its introduction earlier this year, as it is a fun and intuitive app that lets you create and manage your cooking recipes on your iPhone and iPad. This time, the app has been updated with a new feature called “Households,” so that users can easily share their cookbook with others.

Pestle had already been updated with sharing options a few months ago, but Households lets you do more than that. Instead of sharing a copy of the recipe, you can now invite friends and family so they can access your recipes directly from the Pestle app.

Sharing your recipes with Households is quite simple. All you need to do is open the app, then tap the Settings tab and select the Households menu. After naming your Household, the app generates a link that you can send to others so they can access your recipes. You can invite as many users as you like, and the app lets you stop sharing your recipes at any time.

Here’s how Pestle developer Will Bishop describes the update:

Share your invite link with whoever you like, and they’ll instantly gain access to your cookbook, and you’ll gain access to theirs! Building this feature was a mammoth undertaking for me, and is easily the biggest thing I’ve shipped in any of my apps, so I hope you like it!

But the Pestle update also comes with some other enhancements. For example, users can now edit recipes before importing them from a website. There’s also a new experimental feature to improve the parse of recipes from the web. According to Bishop, the app is now even faster and also brings improvements to the Shopping List.

More about Pestle recipe app

Pestle recipe app for iOS

For those unfamiliar, Pestle lets you import recipes from any website, so the app turns them into a step-by-step process automatically. You can add a recipe to your Pestle Cookbook directly from the Share Sheet anywhere within iOS. The app will then scan the recipe for ingredients, steps, nutritional information, and more.

Pestle also comes with some great features like SharePlay support for cooking with other people using FaceTime and voice commands to skip to the next step in the recipe.

You can download Pestle for free on the App Store, although some features are only available through in-app purchases. You can read more about Pestle here on 9to5Mac.

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