Peloton’s Apple TV App Delivers Guided Workouts, No Bike Necessary

Peloton Apple TV screenshot

Peloton is famous for its insanely expensive stationary bike and treadmill products, but those are really just entryways into its monthly subscription to guided workout videos and other fitness tools. That being the case, it’s surprising that it took the company this long to get its content onto Apple TV. But here it is.

Peloton subscribers were previously able to stream video on iOS via the phone app and AirPlay or Chromecast. The Apple TV app mirrors the same content available on mobile devices and other smart TV platforms like Fire TV and Android TV. This includes guided workouts for calisthenics, yoga, high-intensity cardio sessions, strength training with free weights, and other stuff you can do without access to a full gym.

You don’t need one of Peloton’s expensive home fitness devices to get in on the action—access to the videos (and other content like a running tracker on mobile) costs $13 a month, with a free trial. Naturally, if you’re already subscribed to one of the more expensive Peloton plans for use with the bike or treadmill, you get access to the rest of the videos, too.

Source: App Store via MacRumors

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