Patriot’s New 32GB Modules Available: UDIMM up to DDR4-3600, SODIMM up to DDR4-3000


Patriot has released a new series of DDR4 32GB memory modules in its VIPER GAMING STEEL series, complementing the 32GB offerings of the Blackout series as well as for the first time offering such a capacity in a 32GB SODIMM format at speeds of up to DDR-3000.

The biggest addition to Patriot’s repertoire is the new 32GB SODIMM modules, allowing laptop and SFF PC users with corresponding memory slots to double up on the maximum configurable memory all whilst retaining high performance speeds. The small form-factor modules are available in their new 32GB size at DDR4-3000, -2666 and -2400 speeds with timings ranging from 18-20-20-43 at 1.25V for the higher frequency SKU to 15-15-15-35 at 1.2V for the lowest frequency part.

Pricing for the new SODIMM modules land at $145 for the DDR4-3000 modules and $140 for the -2666 and -2400 variants and are available now on Amazon and Newegg.

Although patriot already had 32GB modules available in its UDIMM Blackout series, it’s expanding that offering to the Steel series, which essentially includes the more stylish heat spreader.

The new 32GB modules are available as single modules or as a 2x32GB kit up to speeds of DDR-3600 and timings of 18-22-22-42 at 1.35V. The kit is now also available on Amazon and Newegg, and goes for $310.

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