MSCHF Remade Google’s ‘Dino Game’ With Awesome Weapons and a Prize

The 'Dino Swords' Loading Screen

The Chrome browser has a fun easter egg if you ever find yourself knocked offline—a dino game. Hit your spacebar, and the little dinosaur on the screen will start an endless runner game. But what if it did more? That’s what MSCHF wants to answer apparently, as it remade the game with weapons and a leaderboard. Oh, and top score after a week gets a prize.

If you haven’t heard of MSCHF before, it’s a strange company. Every two weeks, MSCHF unveils a crazy new product or outrageous concept. From the Cuss Collar, the collar that swears when your dog barks, to a Slack group that reenacted Office episodes, you never know what you’re going to get.

The latest in the list is Dino Swords. MSCHF took the famous Chrome endless runner Dino game that you play when you lose the internet (or when you hack it), and added more stuff. What kind of stuff? Weapons, mostly. As you run along, you can jump and pick up a random weEverynEapon. The weapons get bound to your keyboard. C for Chemical Warfare, B for Bow, J for grenade, and so on.

MSCHF also added a leaderboard to keep track of scores. And the most intriguing part? The top score after the first week gets a prize. What prize? We don’t know. But if you cross your fingers, it might be a pair of Jesus Shoes. What are you waiting for? Go play!

source: MSCHF

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