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Last day to enter: Win a CoolPo video conference camera (US)


Videoconferencing has become the new normal following 2020, and although many people hop into video calls while in isolation, there are still plenty of occasions when you need to huddle in front of the camera with more people — be it your family chatting with relatives or co-workers presenting a project. That’s where the CoolPo 360-degree videoconferencing camera comes in, and you have the chance to win one via the widget below.

The CoolPo AI Huddle Pana packs a 4K 360-degree camera with four microphones. It automatically spots speakers via sound and face recognition and is capable of following them through the room, but it’s also possible to use a 360-degree panorama if necessary. The microphones can pick up and isolate sound up to 15 feet away, making this an ideal tool for conference rooms and dinner tables alike. You don’t need to install additional software to make the camera work — it’s plug-and-play on Windows and compatible with Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams out of the box.

If you’re interested but would prefer to buy the CoolPo camera for yourself, you can get it on Amazon for $600. The company will add a $100 coupon to the listing shortly, so if you can’t see it just yet, be sure to check back in a little bit.

The contest will run from March 3, 2021 until 11:59PM Pacific Time on March 9, 2021. One winner will be selected to receive a CoolPo conference camera. This contest is open to participants in the United States. Good luck!

CoolPo Conference Camera Giveaway (US)

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