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Is $550 cheap enough for you to finally pick up Microsoft’s Surface Duo?


Microsoft’s Surface Duo failed to ignite sales charts when it launched last fall, and it wasn’t much of a splash with critics either. Since then, we’ve seen the Duo’s price drop time and time again. But we get it. Some of you are holding out just to see how far it can fall before picking up one of the most unique handhelds on the market today. Your patience continues to pay off — Woot has the Duo on sale today for $550.

I’m not going to pretend that you’re getting the best bang for your buck here. Microsoft continues to promise an update to Android 11 for the Duo coming sometime this year, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Instead, think of this as an investment into the history of weird smartphones, destined to become a conversation piece between you and the other gadget-obsessed folk in your life. Or maybe you could turn it into some odd gaming handheld — after all, it just got support for Xbox Game Pass that places the controls on the bottom display.

Whatever the justification, it’s getting harder to keep passing up such a weird piece of hardware. It’s not built to be your daily driver, but if you’re looking to blow some cash on a device you don’t need, the Duo might be worth it. Grab yours from Woot — complete with free shipping for Amazon Prime members — using the link below. Just keep in mind that they’re AT&T-locked models.

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