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I can’t wait for the PS5, but I won’t be buying one at launch – here’s why


Between spectacular exclusives like Uncharted 4 and God of War, I think it’s no understatement to say that buying a PS4 is one of the best investments I’ve ever made, and after the recent Unreal 5 reveal trailer, I can’t wait to see what Sony does with its successor. There’s just one thing – I have no intention of buying a PS5 at launch.

In the spirit of fairness, I did not pick up a PS4 at launch either – a decision that I still stand by. After all, it wasn’t until Batman: Arkham Knight came out in 2015 that the eighth generation of consoles had its first triple-A that required the newer hardware. At present, we’ve yet to see any major exclusives announced for the PS5. As it stands the majority of the big titles, like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, are also set to launch on the Xbox Series X.

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Of course, Sony does have an upcoming live stream in the books that is more than likely going to solve this problem. The rumour mill is fawning over the possibility of a Silent Hill reboot, but due to the current situation the world finds itself in, I doubt I could be swayed even if a new Metal Gear Solid was announced (and I love Metal Gear).

It’s now common knowledge that the longer than usual lifespan of the seventh generation of consoles was a direct repercussion of the 2009 financial crisis, with consumers unlikely to spend money on a brand new console amidst a plethora of economic woes. This time around, the wheels are already too far in motion to halt the brakes on a new console launch, but that doesn’t take away from that fact that as job security weakens and a new depression looms, there are far more pressing matters at hand than a new gaming console.

In addition to those on-going issues, I, just like any other PS Plus member, now have a huge library of digital titles that are just waiting to be played. With particularly hefty additions to this month’s line-up including Call of Duty: WW2 and Star Wars: Battlefront II, I now have a larger back catalogue to get through than with any other console I’ve previously owned.

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So if I have countless hours of entertainment just waiting to be downloaded, why would I drop a huge wad of a cash on a brand new console now, when I could simply utilise the tech I already have and pick up a PS5 at a discounted price down the road?

That’s a tricky question that I imagine is plaguing some gamers right at this very moment. There’s no denying that the PS5 could usher in some incredible titles that surpass anything the PS4 could offer up, but at a time when new gaming consoles will feel like more of luxury item than ever, I won’t be rushing to the shops anytime soon.

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