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How to unlock your Chromebook with Smart Lock for Android


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Most people have several devices that they log in to in a number of ways. You may have a password on your laptop, a fingerprint on your phone, and a pin or pattern on your tablet. These differing login methods can be frustrating and tedious to remember. However, if you have an Android phone and one of our favorite Chromebooks, Google included a feature to unlock your Chromebook with your phone. This feature is called Smart Lock, and this guide details how to set up, use, and troubleshoot it.

How to set up Smart Lock on your Chromebook

The Smart Lock feature is only available to users who have a Chromebook and an Android phone. Those who use an iPhone and a Chromebook can not take advantage of this feature. You must set up Smart Lock on your Chromebook to get started.

  1. Connect your Android phone to your Chromebook.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your Android phone and Chromebook. Bluetooth on both devices is required for this feature to work.
  3. Open the Settings app on your Chromebook.
  4. Click the Connected devices option in the menu to the left.
  5. Next to the Android Phone section, select the name of your phone.
    The Connected Devices section of the Chromebook Settings app

  6. Tap the Smart Lock toggle to turn it on.
    Android phone device settings in the Chromebook Settings app

Smart Lock is now set up and ready to use.

How to unlock your Chromebook with your Android phone

Now that Smart Lock is set up, let’s look at how to use the feature.

  1. Go to the login screen by restarting, locking, or logging out of your Chromebook.
  2. A message at the bottom of your screen says, “To unlock your Chromebook, first unlock your phone.” This means Smart Lock is working properly.
    A Chromebook login screen with a message telling you to unlock your phone to unlock your Chromebook

  3. Unlock your connected Android phone.
  4. The login screen disappears and is replaced with a message that says, “Unlocked by your phone. Tap or click to enter.” Press the Enter key or tap the arrow on the screen to enter your Chromebook.
    A Chromebook that is unlocked with Smart Lock telling you to tap the arrow or hit the enter key to login

You’ve now used Smart Lock to unlock your Chromebook.

What to do if Smart Lock stops working

If Smart Lock stops working, here are a few tips and tricks to get it working again:

  1. Open the Quick Settings menu on your Chromebook by clicking the time in the lower-right corner.
  2. Make sure Bluetooth is on.
  3. Open the Settings app on your Android phone and make sure Bluetooth is on.
  4. Open the Settings app on your Chromebook, go to the Connected devices section, and make sure your Android phone is listed as a connected device.
  5. Restart both your Android phone and Chromebook.
  6. Disconnect your Android phone from your Chromebook and set up Smart Lock again.

Using these suggestions, Smart Lock should now be working again.

Bonus: How to set up a login PIN

A PIN is a good secondary method to log in quickly if your phone isn’t easily accessible.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your Chromebook.
  2. Tap the Security and Privacy option on the left.
  3. Tap Lock screen and sign-in at the top.
    The Security and Privacy section in the Chromebook Settings app.

  4. Select PIN or password under the Lock screen from sleep mode section.
  5. Click the Set up PIN button. A dialog box may prompt you to enter your password. Enter your password, click Confirm, and tap the Set up PIN button again.
    Selecting the PIN or password toggle in the Chromebook Settings app.

  6. Enter your desired PIN and select Continue.
    Entering your desired PIN in the Chromebook Settings app.

  7. Enter your PIN again and click Confirm.
    The Lock screen and sign-in section after PIN setup in the Chromebook Settings app.

You’ve now set up a PIN as a secondary login method for your Chromebook.

Unlock your best Chromebook experience

No matter what device you use, logging in should be quick, easy, and secure. Smart Lock helps you use the login for one device to log in to two devices. Another snazzy feature included with Chromebooks is the ability to check the status of your components using the Diagnostics app.

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