How to Mute Someone on Facebook

Unfollow a Facebook user to Mute them
Khamosh Pathak

Some Facebook friends and relatives can be quite annoying, but you can’t simply unfriend them. What if you want to stay in contact but don’t want to see their annoying posts? Here’s how to mute someone on Facebook.

Facebook gives you two options here: You can temporarily Snooze someone’s posts for 30 days (to see if you would really miss their presence), or you can unfollow them to mute their posts permanently. Don’t worry; both changes are reversible. The person won’t be informed that you muted them, either.

How to Mute Someone on Facebook

The process of muting a person or a page is the same for Facebook’s website and mobile apps. We’ll be using the Facebook mobile app to guide you through the process. (Here’s how to get access to the new interface with dark mode.)

First, scroll through your news feed and find a post from the Facebook user that you want to mute.

Here, tap the “Menu” button from the top-right corner of the post.

Tap Menu button for Facebook user you want to mute

Now, if you want to temporarily mute a person or a page for 30 days, tap the “Snooze (Name) For 30 days” button.

If you want to mute a person and hide that individual’s posts from your feed, tap the “Unfollow (Name)” button.

Tap to Snooze or Unfollow Facebook user

You can also unfollow someone from that person’s profile page. On the profile page, select the “Friends” button.

Tap on Friends button in Facebook app

From the list, tap the “Unfollow” button.

Tap on Unfollow button in Facebook app

How to Unmute Someone on Facebook

After 30 days, Facebook will automatically unmute someone that you had snoozed. However, you can unmute someone without waiting, or choose to follow their posts again.

The process here is different for the Facebook website and mobile apps.

On the Facebook website, click the “Menu” button from the top toolbar, and select the “Settings & Privacy” option.

Click on Settings and Privacy from Facebook website menu

Here, click the “News Feed Preferences” option.

Select News Feed Preferences from Facebook website

From the popup, click the “Reconnect” option.

Select Unfollow or Snooze to manage options

Here, click the “Follow” button next to the user you want to unmute.

Click on Follow button to follow a Facebook user again

From the News Feed Preferences popup, select the “Snooze” option to see all the users that you have muted temporarily.

Click the “Snooze” icon next to their name to end the Snooze early for the Facebook user.

Click on Snooze button to disable temporary mute for the Facebook user

On your mobile app, tap the “Menu” button. Here, from the “Settings & Privacy” option, select the “Settings” button.

Tap on the Settings button from Facebook app menu

Now, scroll all the way down and select the “News Feed Preferences” option.

Tap News Feed Preferences on Facebook mobile app

Here, tap the “Reconnect With People You’ve Unfollowed” option.

Choose Unfollow or Manage Snooze sections

The simply tap a Facebook user to follow them again.

Tap to follow an unfollowed Facebook user

From the “News Feed Preferences” option, you can choose the “Manage Your Snooze Settings” option to unmute someone.

Here, simply tap the “End Snooze” button next to the user’s name.

Tap on End Snooze button

Don’t want to use Facebook anymore? You can always delete your Facebook account.

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