How to Make Videos Look Better on a Samsung Galaxy Phone’s Display

Phone watching video.

Samsung phones have some of the best displays you can get. You probably take advantage of these big, beautiful displays by watching videos. So why not make those videos look the best they can? That’s where “Video Enhancer” comes in.

What makes Samsung displays look so nice, anyway? Most Galaxy phones have what Samsung calls “Super AMOLED” displays. Essentially, it’s a special type of OLED display for Samsung devices. It offers very rich, deep blacks and vibrant colors.

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What is Video Enhancer?

To get the most out of your Samsung device’s display, we’ll be using a tool called “Video Enhancer.” Some Galaxy devices simply call it “Video Brightness,” and that’s probably a more accurate name.

With Video Enhancer enabled, your device will increase the screen brightness and make colors more vibrant while you watch videos. You don’t have to manually turn up the brightness every time you watch a video.

What’s even cooler is you can decide which apps will trigger the Video Enhancer. So if you only want to use it for YouTube but not Netflix, you can do that. It will simply turn on and do everything for you. Let’s set it up.

How to Enable Video Enhancer

To get started, swipe down from the top of the screen once and tap the gear icon in the top right.

Tap the Settings gear.

Scroll all the way down to “Advanced Features.”


Next, find “Video Enhancer” or “Video Brightness.”


First, switch over to “Bright” mode.


Under that, you’ll see a list of supported video apps. Toggle on or off any of the apps that you want to use Video Enhancer adjustments.

Choose apps to use.

That’s all there is to it! You’ll notice the screen gets a bit brighter and colors will look a little extra saturated when you’re using the selected apps. This is just one of the many, many customizations that are possible on Samsung Galaxy devices.

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