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Google posts Pixel 4a render – surely it’s coming soon?


We’ve been waiting months for Google to unveil the Pixel 4a smartphone and now it seems the company has just brazenly posted a picture of the new mid-range handset.

The forthcoming device has appeared on Google’s Canadian storefront, apparently by accident. In a promotional slot for the Nest Wi-Fi device, the accompanying image shows a handset in line with the leaks we’ve seen fro the Pixel 4a.

What can we tell from the render (via The Verge)? Well, there’s a high screen-to-body ration with a punch hole camera in the hope left corner. There’s just the one camera sensor within a larger camera bump. You can just about make out the presence of the headphone.

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What else we can make out from the render? Well, there’s a matte black finish and we expect at least one other colour – probably white. A rear-facing fingerprint sensor is also visible.

The appearance of an official marketing render from Google also features an Easter egg; the presence of the Tuesday May 12.

Pixel 4a canada store

That perhaps tells us when Google initially intended to launch or release this device in the first place. It is thought Google has endured some production difficulties have delayed the release of the device, but we’re now two months on from that rumoured release date.

It is thought that the release date may be getting closer, having taken a trip through the Federal Communications Commission in the United States. Here’s the spec sheet we’re expecting for the phone, but remember nothing is for sure until it’s confirmed by Google:

  • Display: 5.81-inch, 2340 x 1080 screen, 60Hz refresh rate
  • Camera: 12-megapixel (back),  8-megapixel (front)
  • Battery size: 3080mAh
  • Chipset: Snapdragon 730
  • 5G: No
  • Pixel 4a XL: No

We’re also expecting the phone to come in at under £400, continuing the success of the Pixel 3a, which was recently discontinued. The Pixel 5 flagship is thought to be arriving in October this year.

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