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Google is now pushing its subscription services on its hardware store


Google is an advertising business first and foremost, though over the last few years, the company has introduced many paid services: YouTube Premium, Google One, Fi, and Stadia Pro come to mind, among many others. There’s never been a central hub where you could find Google’s subscription offers, but that’s now a thing of the past: You can see all of the company’s paid services in one place on the Google Store.

The new Subscriptions category lives in the website’s top navigation right between the Pixelbook and Special Offers, replacing the Accessories section of old (which you can now find in other categories’ sub menus). The subscriptions are sorted into four groups:

  • Shows & Music: YouTube TV, YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium
  • Gaming: Stadia Pro, Google Play Pass
  • Storage & Security: Google One, Nest Aware
  • Phone Plan: Google Fi

All of the plans have a Learn more link that takes you to the respective service with more details and options or instructions on how to sign up.

It’s unclear why Google decided to add its central subscriptions hub to its hardware store of all places, but it could hint at plans to make the Google Store more than just a place to get phones and devices. With the Play branding slowly disappearing, I wouldn’t be too surprised if the Play Store was folded into the Google Store someday.

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