Google Discontinued the Nest Secure Alarm System With No Promised Replacement

A Nest Secure device with trackers and keyfobs.

What do you consider the essential components of a security system? Perhaps cameras, sensors, and an arming system? Well, if you plan to use Nest products for your DIY security, you’ll have to do without the last. Google confirmed it’s not selling the Nest Secure device anymore, and it doesn’t appear to have a replacement in the works.

The Nest Secure, for the uninitiated, was an unassuming device. Part Google Home, part sensor system, part keypad and arming system, it acted as the hub for a Nest DIY security system. You could arm and disarm your security system by using an included fob or typing in a pin code on its numpad.

But while it debuted in 2017 and turned on Nest Mini (formerly Google Home) features in 2019, it never saw a hardware update. That, coupled with a “No Longer Available” added to the product’s page last week, is a cause for concern.

Now, according to Android Police, Google has confirmed it discontinued the Nest Secure. If you already have one, don’t fret; it will keep working. But if you were planning to buy one, you missed your window. You can’t find it through Google or other retailers like Best Buy. It doesn’t appear that Google has a sequel in the works, at least not yet.

Nest began life as a smart home system and side-stepped into security options like the Nest cam and Nest secure. With this change, the company steps back to something closer to its original purpose—a unified smart home.

via Android Police

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