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Google Camera Go update brings Night Mode photography to low-end phones


Google introduced Camera Go earlier this year as part of an effort to bring high-end photography to low-end devices. The app provides access to Google’s AI-powered photography tricks while keeping the requirements for storage space and processing power at a minimum. Portrait mode was the main launch feature for Camera Go, and now it looks like another highly requested capability is coming: a dedicated Night Mode for shooting in low light.

While it probably won’t equal the Pixel’s branded Night Sight capabilities, getting a similar-sounding Night Mode to work on devices with as little as 1GB of RAM is impressive. Google says the new mode will enable users to capture images with brighter and more accurate colors even in low light environments like dimly-lit indoor spaces or outdoors at night. Night Mode can “capture simultaneous shots and merge them to produce clearer low-light photos,” just like similar night modes on higher-end devices from Google, Samsung, and OnePlus, which capture multiple frames and use them together to draw out details and dynamic range in low-light without resulting to overly noisy or muddy processing.

The Camera Go app first launched on the Nokia 1.3, and the new Night Mode is taking the same route into consumer’s hands. Google says that Nokia 1.3 owners in 27 countries will gain access to Night Mode via a new Camera Go update through the Play Store. Other Android Go devices aren’t quite as lucky on timing, although the same update should be available for more devices over the coming months.

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