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Google Assistant can help you stay on top of your stock and finances


Whether you have a retirement account that you’ve set and forgotten or are an active investor making orders at your coffee table, it’d be handy to check up on your portfolio and get things done right from your smart speaker. Google has just made it easy to do with new brokerage services accessible by Google Assistant and listed right in the Google Account settings.


E*TRADE and TD Ameritrade both already had Google Assistant integrations. But with the recent release of Fidelity’s integration, all three have been listed within the Google Account settings under the Services tab in the Stocks & Brokerages menu.

If you do implement any of the integrations, you’ll need to link your account information for each trading house. Afterwards, you’ll be able to retrieve certain pieces of information by giving Assistant certain commands. Each service has different commands that will work with them.

For E*TRADE, you can say:

  • Check my E*TRADE portfolio
  • Check my stock plan account
  • Check my Netflix stock at E*TRADE
  • How’s my E*TRADE portfolio doing?

For Fidelity, you can say:

  • How’s my portfolio doing?
  • Ask Fidelity for my tax forms
  • Ask Fidelity when I will get my dividends
  • Ask Fidelity for today’s top stocks
  • Ask Fidelity to play podcasts (Fidelity produces muiltiple podcasts series)

And for TD Ameritrade, you can say:

  • Ask TD Ameritrade to check the financial markets
  • Ask TD Ameritrade how the technology sector is
  • Ask TD Ameritrade for my account balance
  • Ask TD Ameritrade for a portfolio update
  • Ask TD Ameritrade to learn about investing

You’ll be able to get a summary (or podcast) either announced through your speaker or displayed within the Assistant app.

If you’re wondering about checking individual stocks directly through Assistant, it doesn’t seem like you can do so from the Stocks & Brokerages menu. Tapping on the Stocks selection takes you to the Stocks subsection of the Your Interests menu. We weren’t offered any stocks that matched our interest.

And if you don’t feel like digging through the Google account settings, you can access the integrations via the links below.

Amex added

Google Assistant is branching out of stocks and adding more financial integrations. In the U.S., you can now check your Amex balance and transactions, and pay your bills. To link your account, go to Assistant’s settings > Services > Finances. These queries are supported:

  • What’s my Amex account balance
  • Check my Amex transactions
  • Check my Amex bill
  • Pay my Amex bill
  • Thanks:
  • Anthony

Charles SchwabYou can now link your Google Account to Charles Schwab — here’s a link to the associated Assistant action.

Assistant will be able to handle these requests:

  • Check my Charles Schwab portfolio
  • How are my Schwab retirement accounts
  • Check my Schwab IRAs

  • Thanks:
  • Nick
  • Thanks:
  • Anthony

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