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If you’re a gamer — or just visit the Cheapskate pages occasionally — you probably know that Epic Games gives away at least one free game each Thursday. This week, Epic is giving away a trio of games collectively worth $118, including two A-listers: Watch Dogs 2 and Football Manager 2020. You probably know the drill by now: Once you download these games to your Epic account (which is free to sign up for), they’re yours to keep forever. You don’t even need to install the games if you’re low on hard disk space — just claim them. You have until Thursday, Sept. 24, at which time they go back on sale at regular price. 


I’m frequently surprised by some of the high-profile titles that Epic gives away, and this week’s Watch Dogs 2 is one of those occasions. The excellent sequel to 2014’s Watch Dogs (which Epic also gave away back in May), Watch Dogs 2 continues your adventure as a computer-hacking vigilante, this time in San Francisco. It’s an Ubisoft action-adventure game that plays like a smarter version of Grand Theft Auto, with extensive replay value, thanks to single- and multiplayer modes. Read GameSpot’s review of Watch Dogs 2.

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As the year in the name suggests, this is the latest iteration in the long-running soccer management sim. Every decision counts in Football Manager 2020 — it’s a title that rewards planning and knowledge without any predefined ending or script to follow. (Note that the teams and players correspond to the 2019-2020 season just gone; the new edition for this season will likely be out in November.)

Epic Games

This psychedelic side-scrolling action-adventure puzzle-solving romp looks insane, but that’s part of the appeal. You play Ray and live in a world made of paper and stickers. After an accident, you wake up with a giant pink spaghetti arm sticking out of your brain that gives you the ability to change your world by folding, tearing and moving stickers. Oh, and you can read minds now. This 2013 game is still a blast. 

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