Dropbox’s New Password, Vault, and Backup Featues Go Live—Some Fees Apply

An overview of the Dropbox Password manager

Last June, we brought news that Dropbox was beta testing new Password Manager, Secure Vault, and Folder syncing features. The beta tests must have gone well because Dropbox is making the features available to everyone. Although “everyone” only includes paying customers for Passwords and Vaults.

If you trust Dropbox, you can consolidate some of your services with the new capabilities. The Password Manager is just what it sounds like, an alternative to LastPass or 1Password for storing all your passwords.

It will autosync to your devices and autofill (though we’ll have to see the proof on Android, as not all password managers are equal in that regard). Dropbox says it encrypts passwords so that no one has access to the plain text copies, not even Dropbox. Dropbox Password exists as a web app, mobile app, desktop app, and browser extension. It’s only available to Dropbox Plus and Dropbox Professional subscribers.

Dropbox Vault creates a folder in Dropbox with additional layers of security. You protect the vault with a pin, but you can also share it with trusted contacts. You can open the vault from the Dropbox app or the web. Dropbox Vault is only available for Dropbox Plus users

Dropbox Backup lets you sync folders outside the main Dropbox folder, much like OneDrive or nearly every other cloud service. It’s a long-overdue feature and thankfully doesn’t require a specific subscription.

Dropbox says it’s making all three features available today.

via The Verge

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