Destiny 2 players watched live as Rasputin rained missiles on the Almighty


Destiny 2 players watched Rasputin destroy the Almighty with a barrage of missiles, in what was the shooter’s first real-time, in-game event similar to what can be seen in Fortnite.

Bungie announced the event on Twitter, giving Destiny 2 players a heads up to when they should log in to witness the landmark event.

Rasputin is at full power.

Tomorrow at 10AM PT we take aim at the Almighty.

— Destiny 2 (@DestinyTheGame) June 5, 2020

The destruction of the Almighty, the Cabal’s sun-killing superweapon, at the hands of A.I. supercomputer Rasputin was the culmination of the past season’s activities. While Destiny 2 players have already disabled the Almighty in the game’s story campaign, the massive ship was sent hurtling towards the Last City as a last-ditch effort.

The Almighty has now crashed in the mountains beyond the Tower. Some debris damaged the Tower though, and players who inspect it will acquire the Seraph’s Wings emblem. Commander Zavala also has new dialogue that players should check out.

Destiny 2‘s 1st in-game event — too long?

The primary complaint that Destiny 2 players have against the game’s real-time event, as seen in several threads in the official Bungie forums, was that it took so much time for something that could have happened in several minutes. As players logged in at 10 a.m. PT, nothing happened for about 30 minutes. Once missiles started hitting the Almighty, it took another hour before the ship came crashing down.

Digital Trends reached out for comments from Bungie on the players’ complaints, and we will update this article as soon as we hear back. While the in-game event was not met particularly well, it signals a change in direction for Destiny 2 as Bungie tries something new.

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