Arm Announces New Mali-G710, G610, G510 & G310 Mobile GPU Families


Alongside with today’s extremely large and comprehensive CPU line-up announcement including the new Cortex-X2, Cortex-A710, Cortex-A510, new DSU-110 and new interconnects, we’re seeing the announcement of Arm’s newest Mali GPU line-up. Similar to the CPU family, we’re also seeing an extensive line-up announcement with the new Mali-G710 flagship series, the G510 middle-range, and the new ultra-area efficient Mali-G310.

The new GPU series follows up in the same Valhall GPU family that was started back in 2019 with the Mali-G77 and seen minor improvements with the Mali-G78 in last year’s announcements and seen silicon adoption in this year’s SoC’s such as the Kirin 9000, Exynos 2100 or the new MediaTek Dimensity SoCs.

At the high-end, the Mali-G710 is a direct successor to the Mali-G78 and is a relatively straightforward generational improvement in terms of what it’s aiming for: the highest possible performance that Arm’s architects can achieve in a Mali GPU. The Mali-G610 is a branding exercise that differentiates the same microarchitecture as the G710 at lower core counts, aiming to aid partners to better differentiate flagship products from the “premium” segment.

The Mali-G510 is a successor to the 2019 Mali-G57 and is a major upgrade to Arm’s mid-range portfolio, bringing extremely large generational performance boosts as well as power efficiency gains over the predecessor.

Finally, the new Mali-G310 is a new Valhall based low-end entry that represents a multi-generation architectural bump over the old-in-the-tooth Bifrost based Mali-G31 and targets the low-end area-efficiency focused market where we see hundred of billions of low-cost devices and other embedded markets such as smart TVs.

As gross overview, the highlight today for most readers will be focused around the new Mali-G710 flagship GPU. The improvements that the company is promising is roughly a +20% boost in performance in a ISO-process node GPU configuration compared to a comparable Mali-G78 GPU. Similarly, at similar performance, the new GPU design promises a -20% reduction in power consumption and thus also energy efficiency gain.

Recently, Arm has also made a focus on Machine Learning on the GPU and here the new design is promising a larger +35% boost in performance.

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