Arcade1Up Announces Pre-Orders for New WI-FI Enabled Fighter Cabinets, And ‘Ms. PAC-MAN’

 Ms. Pac-Man, X-men vs. Street Fighter, and  Marvel vs. Capcom 3/4th scale cabinets standing in a row.

Last June, Arcade1Up announced it would release Ms. Pac-Man and X-men vs. Street Fighter 3/4th scale cabinets. Now the company is ready to take pre-orders, but it has two surprises as well. Arcade1Up is also taking pre-orders on a Marvel vs. Capcom machine, and both fighting arcades will be wi-fi enabled.

Pre-orders on all three machines start today at Arcade1Up’s site, and every machine includes a custom riser and graphics to match the cabinet. This marks the first time Ms. PAC-MAN has been available in a “full-size” format you can bring home in its near 40-year history. Until recently, the only other option was a Party-Cade that sometimes pops up on QVC. The cabinet features a lit-up marquee, artwork to match the original machine, and three additional games, GalaxianPAC-MANIA, and PAC-MAN PLUS.

The other two machines up for pre-order have a special trick up their sleeves— wi-fi capability. Whether you get X-men vs. Street Fighter or Marvel vs. Capcom, you can go online and play head-to-head with other cabinets owners. That leaves rooms for future tournaments, scoreboards, and other new features.

The X-men vs. Street Fighter machine boasts X-Men Children of the Atom, X-MEN Mutant Apocalpyse, and Marvel versus Capcom in addition to the base game. It also appropriately uses bat-top joysticks to match the American-style fighting games.

If you get the Marvel versus Capcom cabinet, you can play Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of SuperheroesX-Men vs. Street FighterMarvel Super-Heroes: War of the Gems, or Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. It also comes with a custom riser, graphics, and bat-top style joysticks.

The two cabinets mark the first Arcade1Up fighter machines to include online play and the first entries since the NBA Jam.

Pre-orders for all three machines start today at Arcade1Up’s site.

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