Apple updates its Accessory Design Guidelines with new MagSafe details


All the new iPhone 12 models come with MagSafe, which is a technology that uses magnets on the backside of the phone to let users attach accessories to it. Apple today updated its Accessory Design Guidelines to include more details on how accessory manufacturers must implement MagSafe technology in their products.

Apple has extensive Accessories Design Guidelines that provide a guide for other companies to create certified accessories for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and other products. These guidelines were updated today with some interesting new details about the MagSafe technology built into the iPhone 12.

In a recently uploaded PDF file, the company revealed the specifications that “Made for MagSafe” cases must follow. This includes enclosing the entire device with a maximum thickness of 2.1 millimeters — although Apple recommends building cases with 2.0 millimeters of thickness.

Case manufacturers also have to make sure the accessory works with both the MagSafe Charger and the iPhone Leather Wallet. Case magnets must align properly with the iPhone rear magnets, and Apple says MagSafe cases cannot have any other magnets included.

All magnets that are part of the MagSafe case magnet array shall be positioned in the same plane.The case and MagSafe case magnet array shall enable MagSafe accessories to magnetically self align within a 1.55 mm radial maximum.

Apple requires MagSafe accessories to use N45SH NdFeB magnets with a 7-13μm NiCuNi coating. Users should also be able to remove a MagSafe accessory by applying a force level between 800 and 1,100 gf (gram force).

As observed by MacRumors, Apple also specifies that MagSafe cases should not rely on magnets to firmly attach to the device, which makes even some official iPhone 12 videos seem contradictory as the company suggests that the cases are also magnetically attached to the iPhone 12.

Of course, accessory manufacturers willing to offer an Apple-certified MagSafe case or charger must follow all the guidelines included in the PDF file you can read here.

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