Apple Music Replay 2022 is here: How to find your top songs, artists, albums, and more


Apple Music Replay is one of the most highly anticipated launches for Apple Music users every year. It gives subscribers the ability to view a full year in review of their listening habits, with top songs, albums, listening statistics, and more. This year, Apple has some updates in store to help improve the Apple Music Replay experience in comparison to Spotify Wrapped (which isn’t yet available).

As we approach the end of 2022, head below for the full details on how to find your Apple Music 2022 Replay year in review.

One of the most notable differences between Apple Music Replay and Spotify Wrapped is that Apple Music Replay is actually available and updated year-round. This means you can track your Apple Music listening habits throughout the year. But of course, the end of the year is the most common time that people choose to access their Apple Music Replay data.

How to find your Apple Music Replay 2022 year-in-review stats

As we’ve detailed over the years, Apple Music Replay is limited in scope compared to Spotify Wrapped. In fact, you can’t even access Apple Music Replay directly in the Apple Music application. You can view your Replay playlists in the Apple Music “Listen Now” tab, but you have to visit the Apple Music website for the full details.

To find your Apple Music Replay 2022 year in review, head to the Apple Music Replay website in your browser of choice. Once you sign in with your Apple Music account, you’ll be presented with all the details on your Apple Music listening habits throughout the year.

Here’s what Apple says about the process:

  1. Listen to enough music to qualify. Gauge qualification with a personalized progress bar on the Replay website. Both playlist and insights eligibility happens with the same listening threshold.
  2. Once a user is eligible for Replay, they can visit
  3. Explore listening stats, listen on the site, and share.

This year, the design features a card-based interface similar to Snapchat Stories or Instagram Stories. You can tap through each of the cards to view listening data.

Apple Music Replay shows users their total listening time for the year, alongside a playlist of your top 100 songs of the year, your top artists, and your top albums. You can also add your Replay 2022 playlist to your Apple Music library, as well as playlists for prior years dating back to 2015 as well.

Sharing your Apple Music Replay statistics to social media isn’t as straightforward as sharing your Spotify Wrapped, but it is possible. You can share a playlist directly from the Apple Music app to Instagram or Snapchat by clicking on the three dots in the upper-right corner, choosing Share, then choosing your preferred app.

On the Apple Music Replay website, you can also tap the share icon in the bottom-right corner. This will create an image of the current story you’re viewing.

If you don’t like the results of your Apple Music Replay year in review for 2022, the good news is that you have until the end of the year to try and change things. The Apple Music Relay experience will be available through December 31. Share your results down in the comments!

What about Spotify Wrapped?

As of right now, there is no word on when Spotify Wrapped will be available for subscribers. In general, the company rolls out its year in review during the first week of December.

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