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Apple HomePod mini users experiencing crippling Wi-Fi issues


Some Apple HomePod mini users are reporting an issue with Wi-Fi connectivity, with only a temporary fix in play.

A thread on the Apple support forums features many complaints from early adopters, who are unable to command the speaker through the Siri voice assistant. Instead, the assistant informs affected users it is “having trouble connecting to the Internet.”

Because the HomePod relies so heavily on internet connectivity to play music and carry out orders, the speaker is practically useless. It cannot play music via the Bluetooth connection and there isn’t a 3.5mm jack or USB for wired audio. Some affected users say music playback is fine, presumably because it connects to the HomePod via a different protocol, but the HomePod is unable to manage anything beyond that.

“Having this problem with one of my mini’s as well,” wrote one user (via 9to5Mac). “It seems to stream music fine when I control it directly (not airplaying from phone/device, but this also works fine). However, when I ask it to do something. It says it is having trouble with the connection. When I restart it. It works for a while and eventually runs into the same issue.”

Apple customer support agents outlined some troubleshooting steps for some users, which involves restoring the device to its factory settings and re-adding the Home app. However, they do not appear to permanently resolve the problem. Users who’ve followed the instructions say the fix only lasts a little too long before the process is required again.

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Given the HomePod mini runs on tvOS, there’s likely to be a solution in the offing, but Apple is yet to publicly comment on the matter. If the reported issue is resolved quickly, it will give Apple fans more faith in a well-reviewed product.

Here at Trusted Reviews we afforded the HomePod mini a perfect 5 star score. Our own David Ludlow wrote: “A speaker this size just shouldn’t sound as good as the Apple HomePod Mini does. With poise and balance, this speaker can handle everything you throw at it, delivering impressive room-filling volume, too. It’s a decent smart speaker, too, controlling anything in your Home app with ease, while the new Thread hub lets you attach some smart peripherals directly.”

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