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11 of the best and most useful Android widgets you can get


Not too long ago, Apple introduced homescreen widgets on iOS. Naturally, this leads to a renewed interest in the form factor across all platforms, including Android. And since Android app developers have had a lot more time to perfect their homescreen widgets, it’s no wonder that there are many polished homescreen decorations out there. Here are a few of our favorite ones.

If you’re yet to dip your toes into the widget waters, you can up your current selection by long-pressing on a blank area of the home screen, then choosing Widgets from the menu that pops up. Any app on your device with widgets will appear in the list — tap and hold a widget to place it.

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

If you consider yourself a power widget user, then KWGT is a must: it lets you create your own personalized widgets through a straightforward editor that will make you a master crafter in no time. Some art assets require a premium upgrade (KWGT is part of the Play Pass for what it’s worth), but many are available for free, and you can put together your own widgets for digital and analog clocks, live maps, battery and memory meters, music players, text messages, and much more.

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker
KWGT Kustom Widget Maker


There’s a reason why there are so many weather widgets on the Play Store — it’s that they’re hugely useful. They allow you to see what the conditions are going to be like for the next few hours, days, or weeks with a quick glance. Overdrop is one of the best weather apps period, and its widgets are informative, elegantly crafted, and clear. Some designs and layouts require a premium upgrade, but there are plenty that you can play around with for free as well.

Battery Widget Reborn

While it’s not difficult to find out the battery level of your device (you can just ask Google Assistant, for example), it can be helpful to have it in widget form. Enter Battery Widget Reborn, which shows battery life as a fully customizable circular graph and percentage. If you prefer, you can set up a larger bar chart widget showing your phone’s diminishing battery life over time. A premium upgrade gets you even more customization options.

Battery Widget Reborn (Free)
Battery Widget Reborn (Free)

Data Counter Widget

Another bit of system information that’s handy to have on screen at all times is how much data your phone is chewing through. Data Counter Widget gives you that, split up into cellular and Wi-Fi readings, and with separate counts for upload and download totals. Text size, color, and background can all be modified, and tapping on the widget gives you more details (including a breakdown of which of your apps are using up the most data).


Don’t let the music stop because you have to open up an app and work through a series of menus to find the tunes you want — Musicolet puts playback and queue management controls right on the home screen for you, and you can customize the look of the widget (including its transparency) in a variety of ways. Note though that Musicolet only plays local files stored on your Android device, and doesn’t work with streaming services.

Musicolet Music Player [No ads]
Musicolet Music Player [No ads]
Developer: Krosbits
Price: Free+

Calendar Widget

Google Calendar has a serviceable widget of its own, but we like the look of Calendar Widget even more. It brings with it a tasteful, subtly stylish design which you can customize in all kinds of ways, and it doesn’t dominate the screen like a lot of other calendar widgets can. With the right combination of text, color accents and widget size, you can put together something that fits in perfectly with the rest of your home screen.


SeriesGuide is perfect for keeping track of the movies and TV shows you’ve watched, are watching, or are planning to watch, and the widget that it comes with is perfect for quickly checking when you’re favorite shows are appearing next — the time and the date the show airs, the channel or streaming service broadcasting it, and the episode and the season you’re up to. Pay to support the app and you get some extra widget customization options, too.

Quotes Widget

Your Android phone keeps you in touch, informed, entertained and much more, and with the addition of the Quotes Widget, it can keep you motivated and inspired as well. It’ll pluck out quotes from well-known figures from its database, or you can add your own into the mix, and the widget can be customized with different fonts and colors. You can set it to update with new content automatically or tap it to refresh.

Quotes Widget
Quotes Widget
Developer: Ashwin Dinesh
Price: Free

Google News

Keeping in touch with the day’s developments has never been so straightforward. The recently revamped Google News app has a widget that’s clean, clear, and informative, giving you the weather forecast as well as a snapshot of what’s happening right now. You can tap through any story to see full coverage of it, or you can just let the top headlines pass before your eyes as you get on with other business on your Android device.

CPU Monitor

From spotting troublesome apps to working out when it’s finally time to upgrade your phone, the widget that comes along with CPU Monitor packs an awful lot of information into a very tight space – a total of four different widgets help you keep up with current CPU load, battery temperature, and spikes in processing demand over time. CPU Monitor can also set up a persistent notification to display this data, too, if needed.


With many of us scrambling to fit more and more into each day, an app (and accompanying widget) like Sectograph can make a substantial difference to your schedule planning. It visualizes your calendar as a 24-hour clock face, so you can see what you’re supposed to be doing right now and what you’ve got coming up next at a glance – it’s the perfect example of how widgets can be just as useful as fully fledged apps sometimes.

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